NextGenTel IPTV with pfSense

To get the most out of my fiber connection I run my own pfSense router instead of the cheap one provided by my ISP. To get the TV signals through you will need to to some changes to your network configuration:

NextTV NextGenTel Fiber TV IGMP Proxy settings

NextTV NextGenTel Fiber TV IGMP Proxy settings

  • Enable IGMP Proxy:
    • Add an upstream interface, your WAN interface. Add the network
    • Add an downstream interface, your LAN interfaces. Add your LAN networks.
  • Add a firewall rule for your WAN interface. Pass IPv4 IGMP packages destined for the network. Remember to check the box for Allow IP options.
  • Add a firewall rule for your WAN interface. Pass IPv4 TCP packages destined for the network. Remember to check the box for Allow IP options.
  • Make sure you do not Block bogon networks or Block private networks and loopback addresses for your WAN interface.
NextTV NextGenTel Fiber TV Firewall openings

NextTV NextGenTel Fiber TV Firewall openings

Protip: You can watch several of the channels in VLC ;)

Onkyo receiver ingen lyd, NET virker ikke. Gratis reperasjon

Jeg har hatt en Onkyo TX-NR1010 siden tidlig 2013, og plutselig her en dag fikk jeg ingen lyd fra mine HDMI kilder. NET valget ga bare sort skjerm. Ved å skru av og på en del ganger kunne jeg kanskje være så heldig å få lyd. Under oppstart kunne det også stå HDMI startup... lengre periode enn normalt. Etter litt Googling fant jeg en melding som forklarer at problemene skyldes en produksjonsfeil hvor det er dårlig lodding på DTS dekoderchippen, og på nettverkschippen på HDMI datterkortet og at Onkyo gir hele 5 år utvidet garanti på receivere produsert 2009-2012.

Importør i Norge, og forselger Komplett lister Dalen's Elektronikkservice AS som godkjent servicepartner. Etter en kjapp telefonsamtale reiste jeg inn med receiveren og fakturakopi fra Komplett. Fikk estimert en ukes reperasjonstid, og etter en uke tikket det inn en SMS om at receiveren var reparert. En kollega kjørte meg opp og hentet den samme dag. Ny chip, godt merket. Ikke noe utlegg eller papirmølle. Alt i alt super service fra Dalen's og Onkyo!

Missing drivers - Windows 10 on older HP Elitebooks

HP does not provide Windows 10 driver packs for models earlier than their G1 lineup, and Windows 10 drivers for earlier models are scarce. After a deployment you will be left with some devices with missing drivers. The following drivers are found to be working on Windows 10 x64 1511 in our enviroment. We deploy our machines with newest BIOS, and set to run in UEFI mode with Secureboot (not available on all models). You will need the newest BIOS for Secureboot to work, as the 2011 and 2012 BIOS does not contain updated keys. The SoftPaqs can be modified to install automatically with HP SSM.

HP Elitebook 2570p

sp64135.exe - JMicron Media Card Reader Driver
(PCI\VEN_197B&DEV_2391&CC_0805 & PCI\VEN_197B&DEV_2392&CC_0880)
sp71714.exe - HP 3D DriveGuard 5

HP Elitebook 2560p

sp66584.exe - HP hs2340 HSPA+ Mobile Broadband Module

HP Elitebook 8460p

sp65514.exe - Intel® Management Engine Components Driver

HP Elitebook 8560p

sp64144.exe - HP 3D DriveGuard Software
sp65514.exe - Intel® Management Engine Components Driver
sp64135.exe - JMicron Media Card Reader Driver
(PCI\VEN_197B&DEV_2391&CC_0805 & PCI\VEN_197B&DEV_2392&CC_0880)
sp66915.exe - Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver

HP Elitebook 8570p

sp71714.exe - HP 3D DriveGuard 5

HP Elitebook 840 G1

sp69923.exe - Intel (R) Smart Connect Technology Device

Unable to compile Sql CE script file during SCCM client install or upgrade

I've had issues with the SCCM client on our internet (IBCM) server. At first it was the issue with configuration manager software not on C-drive, and client patches failing to apply. Then with SCCM 1511 and 1602 client installs on the server resultet in

MSI: Setup was unable to compile Sql CE script file F:\SMS_CCM\StateMessageStore.sqlce.
The error code is 80004005.    ccmsetup.

This is due to the old Sql CE databases still being present. 

To fix this, uninstall all SCCM client components. Find the Windows Installer Code with this Powershell command.

(Get-WmiObject -Class CCM_InstalledProduct -Namespace "root\ccm").ProductCode

Then move the following files to a backup folder. These are the old client Sql CE database files. They are located in the client install folder %windir%\CCM\ or in the SMS_CCM folder).

  • CcmStore.sdf
  • CertEnrollmentStore.sdf
  • ComplRelayStore.sdf
  • InventoryStore.sdf
  • UserAffinityStore.sdf

Abort any running ccmsetup processes by stopping any ccmsetup services running, and then run the following command from you SCCM client install folder (or %windir%\ccmsetup):

ccmsetup.exe /uninstall

Then install the client as usual with ccmsetup.exe




No secure connection to Plex on same subnet

I have never been able to connect to my Plex Media Server securely on my local area network so I decided to fix it today. The official troubleshooting article mentions pfSense 2.2 which I run. It tells users to configure DNS rebinding. This was not enough in my case, so I searched some more for a solution. The forums had a hint about how to solve this in a post by snm77. His suggestion is to add a host override point to your servers local IP address. This did not work, but pointing the FQDN did! The FQDN can be found by using the inspector in your browser and reload , in Chrome you would look at the Network tab and find connections to IP.*, the one with your servers IP is your FQDN.

In pfSense 2.2+ do the following:

1) Configure DNS Rebinding by going to System > Advanced > Admin Access and enter under Alternate Hostnames.

2) Configure Host Override by going to Services > DNS Forwarder and create a new entry under Host Overrides. Enter the IP part for your FQDN in the Host field, the rest in the Domain field and enter your servers local IP in the IP address field. Like the image below:

Skjermbilde 2016-01-13 kl. 21.26.55.png

After these configurations, reload with the new DNS settings and you will have secure connections on both the internal network and on the internet!