Bought the PS3

Well after reading all the good stuff about the PS3 from my good friend DeaconCF, and reading up on it on the AVS Forums - I got out and bought it! Didn't find a lengthy HDMI cable though, so I'm running Composite/SD on my 27" LCD at the moment. But it's great!! Just registered my diNovo keyboard and is in the progress of creating a Playstation Network Account now :)

Donation to the Pirate Party

As I have quite strong opinions about the politics in the world, I found it's time for me to do something else than just complaining. We still don't have something equivalent to the Swedish Pirate Party here in Norway, and I'm not going to start it. But since Sweden is our neighboor, and their politics and decisions influence the Norwegian politics greatly, I decided to support them by donating. I sent them €10 yesterday through PayPal, and hope it will help their campaign during the elections this fall.

Kinda cheat Wigle

Not posting this for you to do or try, but I thought of this easy way of bumping your Wigle rank. Just google for: NetS filetype:ns1 Download and upload. The same method can be applied to P2P networks too (more fun to search for passwords.txt though). Better than faking results, but neither way should be used. Only upload your own results. I uploaded with a test account, and the anonymous account for testing purposes. Since it went well, I guess no one else have done this (the data wasn't in the database). I bought a bike the other day, which I have used to bump my Wigle rank from 105 to 104 the legal correct way.