Weekend recap

  • Got home from CUGtech, where I learned a lot and had great fun. Thanks to sponsors, speakers and participants.
  • Attended my friend Kim's birthday party, where an old friend decided to show up. Nice to see you again Tor-André!
  • Ate the first Christmas dinner this year at my GF's mothers place. Good food!
  • Installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my Playstation 3. Installation went a lot smoother than my attempt at 7.04. It works great for OpenOffice and Firefox even though it only has 256MB memory and swaps a little to the disk. Swap partition on a fast memory card would probably help a bit. Two tips to others who want to try: Install using the Alternative install disc. And set higher resolution as a kernel boot flag (like video=ps3fb:mode:8), changing it while running with ps3videomode would only garble my display.